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From: Philip Chua
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Dear Friend,

Forget everything you have been led to believe about public speaking. And forget what everyone else have told you, especially unhelpful opinions about yourself.

If you have a strong desire to overcome stage fright, deliver high impact presentations that move your audience and convey your ideas more effectively, then keep reading.

But if you want to stay in the comfort zone and continue walking in the shadows of other people, stay at the sidelines and watch your extrovert counterparts having the time of their life, I won't waste your time any further and I suggest you hit the BACK button.




Still with me?





My name is Philip and believe it or not, I can feel your inner pain and turmoil right now.

The fact that you're still on this page now is because you can probably identify yourself to any of these scenarios:

  • You are afraid to speak up

  • You are tired of being outshined by people who seem to have a better way with words than you, and you often fall short in getting a job or a promotion

  • You are in business that requires dealing with people - and that's just it. You're really afraid of dealing with people face-to-face!

  • Your assignment or job requires you to speak to many people

  • Your opinions are not taken seriously because people around you find that you're timid or you just appear less important to them

  • You don't enjoy yourself at parties often because you can't converse well and you're rarely the center of attention

  • You are in the sales line and you're afraid of coming across as a 'hard selling' sales man

The list can go on and on. I know you can identify with any one or more of these scenarios that's been playing before your eyes - over and over again - throughout your life.

Up until now, that is.


"How Would You Like To Turn That Around And Start A New Life Without The Fear Of Speaking In Public… Today... By Simply Be Aware Of The Public Speaking Secrets | Public Speaking Extraordinaire Guide?"

Please don't think im making fun of you. In fact, I see a lot of myself in everything I've just said. Just a few years ago, that is!

You see, I was labeled an 'introvert' (and oh boy, how I hate that word!) by my school friends. I was timid and I was anxious in the company of many friends. I behaved rather odd at formal functions, and I was rather unpopular at parties. This is the reason why for the first half of my life, I didn't hang out much at clubs.

So after I left school and got my first job, the same thing repeated. I wasn't chosen to represent my company in making speeches because I obviously sucked at speaking well in public. Not a surprise I didn't get my raise.

I was sick and tired of being sick and tired… of being pushed to the side lines and people taking me less seriously!

I figured my problem was fear of public speaking. The common misconception is that this skill is needed only for stage talks. To me, it was more than that. And I figured that if I could conquer my ultimate fear that has been holding me back from achieving my peak potential, and the abundance of opportunities it cost me...

... I could very well salvage it all back!


"Can You See What This Was Costing Me By Not Knowing The Public Speaking Secrets | Public Speaking Extraordinaire Guide?"

  • My public perception

  • Career / business opportunities

  • My friendships and relationships

  • My self-respect

  • Money

  • Even time! (because I would procrastinate and hesitate before speaking up)

It finally came down to a DO or DIE situation.

Admittedly, it wasn't easy for me. Far from it.

Reading books on the topic didn't help much because well, most of them made it sound so easy. Saying is one thing, doing is the other.

I had to overcome trembling knees, racing heart beats, sweaty palms, and drips of sweat down my forehead. So I took on my first public speaking challenge… with utter embarrassment.

But I didn't stop because I had already been embarrassed too many times in my life, so what difference does an extra one more humiliating experience count for?

Over time, the fear dissipated, I discovered new techniques to overcome them. Later on I escalated to higher techniques of captivating my audience, and even came as far as selling to them!


"How You Too Can Become The Next Public Speaking Extraordinaire… In The 3 Record Days If You Just Know The Public Speaking Secrets | Public Speaking Extraordinaire Guide!"

Public Speaking Extraordinaire Guide

Introducing the final results of my trial and error, Public SpeakingSecrets| Public Speaking Extraordinaire Guide is a manual containing powerful techniques and easy-to-follow steps to delivering spectacular speeches together with a digital video and audio course designed to take the shy, timid newbie to becoming the next public speaking superstar.

In 3 Days... Guaranteed!

What took me years of practice - at the expense of my mistakes and embarrassment - you can now skip all those humiliating experience and follow a proven recipe to:

Build your self-confidence,

Overcome your fear of public speaking,

Empower and captivate your audience,

Gain the ability to persuade and sell, and

And learn it all in just 1 hour!

Public Speaking Secrets|
Public Speaking Extraordinaire Guide

public speaking guide

Here's just a small sampling of what you'll discover inside of this incredible manual:
public speaking course
Why trying to speak like you write is turning your speeches into dry sleep inducing lectures and the simple way to write your speeches for maximum impact (never again worry if your speech is going to be good or not )

public speaking course
My speech development formula that makes it stupidly simple to come up with a solid speech or presentation guaranteed to ASTOUND your audience

public speaking course
The different types of public speaking EXPOSED, and which one you need to use for which audience you're presenting to (95% of all public speakers get this one wrong!)

public speaking course
A simple fool proof way to make a great speech if you're called in as a back-up speaker for someone else

public speaking course
The quick and easy solution to use when you need to edit a speech that you've made too long

public speaking course
How to know EXACTLY what you need to put in your speech or presentation in order to make it compelling and engaging for your audience

public speaking course
How to effortlessly craft incredible introductions that literally have the audience on the edge of their seats waiting to hear you speak

public speaking course
Powerful posture secrets exposed! Learn how to make yourself a commanding presence at the podium just by learning how to stand correctly

public speaking course
How to leverage presentation aids like visuals and audios CORRECTLY! So many people get this wrong it's just not funny...

public speaking course
How to eradicate stage fright and public speaking fear from your experience no matter how big the audience is

And much much more!

public speaking fear

And In Just One Hour In This Digital And Audio Add on Course, You Will Learn The Mastery Of Becoming
The Next Public Speaking Superstar Like:

Session #1: 6 Steps To Eliminating "Stage Fright" Syndrome"

Session #1: 6 Steps To Eliminating "Stage Fright" Syndrome"
-- Flash Video + MP3 Audio + PDF Transcript Included!

4 totally unique ways you can use your new-found public speaking charm to enhance other areas of your life! Health, Wealth, Relationships... you name it!

6 easy, newbie-friendly steps to overcome your fear of public speaking and stage fright! Follow my easy, systematic approach to remove fear and anxiety when you speak in front of small or large audience - broken into six easy steps!

EAST vs WEST IDEALS - traditional Asian families punish their children for making mistakes while outgoing Westerns accept that mistakes are part of growing up. How many untrained speakers really, really view themselves when speaking on stage!

THE TRUTH ABOUT PEOPLE AND THEIR MEMORIES - how to overcome embarrassing moments with ease and less punishment on yourself!

The 4 levels of competency in public speaking

How to convert physical symptoms of stress, fear and anxiety into positive energy!

And much, much more!

Session #2: GOAL SETTING - How to Deliver a Simple But High Impact Message

Session #2: GOAL SETTING - How to Deliver a Simple But High Impact Message
-- Flash Video + MP3 Audio + PDF Transcript Included!

The 3 'M's in defining your speech goal! M _ _ _ _ _ + M _ _ _ _ _ + M _ _ _ _ _ _

C _ _ _ T_ A_ _ _ _ _ is what separates the highly successful, highly profitable speakers from the rest of their mediocre counterparts!

How to create your very own high impact, highly compelling speech presentation in 30 minutes or less!

The 4 secret elements of a powerful, captivating speech REVEALED!

How to employ the speech drafting technique in 3 easy steps!

And much, much more!

Session #3: How to Become a Public Speaking Extraordinaire in 3 Days

Session #3: How to Become a Public Speaking Extraordinaire in 3 Days
-- Flash Video + MP3 Audio + PDF Transcript Included!

How to go ZERO TO HERO in public speaking - and do it all in just 3 days!

THE INTROVERT MYTH BUSTED: scientific explanation shows that introverts stand as much of a chance to be public speaking heroes as their extrovert counterparts!

GOAL SETTING for awesome speeches in 3 easy steps!

How to structure a hypnotic speech in 5 easy steps!

How to develop and train your facial expression, body language and tone of voice for public speaking superstardom!

ANTI-COPYCAT TACTICS: 4 ways you can instantly distinguish yourself from other speakers and stage competitors!

THE TOTAL BRAIN FART ELIMINATION: how to easily overcome embarrassingly silent moments when you experience 'blank outs' in your mind!

And much, much more!

Session #4: Public Speaking Secret Techniques to Compelling Speaking for Beginners

Session #4: Public Speaking Secrets | Public Speaking Extraordinaire Guide to Compelling Speaking for Beginners
-- Flash Video + MP3 Audio + PDF Transcript Included!

Your secondary role as a speaker

Turn PASSIVE attention to ACTIVE attention - how to get your audience to jump to life and spellbound them to your speech in awe!

Further Power Tips in improving your speech after the 3-day program!

How to handle audience and people of different personality temperaments - ranging from Q & As, argumentive audience, impromptu situations, and much more.

THE ART OF BACK-END SELLING: this section is going to be of interest to anyone who is involved in the Sales line. :-)

And still so much more!


Listen To What A Customer Has To Say About
Public Speaking Secrets| Extraordinaire Guide:
"...An Extraordinary And Awesome Course For Anyone Who Want To Master Public Speaking With Excellence..."

Public Speaking Secrets | Extraordinaire Guide has taken away my fear of public speaking and has since enable me to to speak to a crowd of more than 300 people in an auditorium with full confidence.

This course is an essential tool of public speaking, giving you the foundation to master public speaking.  The material is solid and has all the necessary points and tips that enable anyone to master public speaking in a short period of time.  Well Done, Philip!

It is A MUST For anyone who wish to master public speaking to enrol into this course today!.  


Financial Service Manager

"WHO Should Invest In Public Speaking Secrets| Public Speaking Extraordinaire Guide Today?"

Or the precise question would be: "WHO should invest in their self-confidence today?"

I believe that everyone should take a serious interest in building their self-esteem and the benefits of being able to speak well, confidently and motivating offer rewards money cannot buy.

Again review these areas of your life you can improve drastically just by speaking better!

  • How people view you

  • Your self-respect

  • Career promotions

  • Business opportunities

  • Your friendships

  • Your relationships

And if you belong to any of this, you can benefit more from my Public Speaking Extraordinaire course:

  • Corporate background - Marketing Director, Sales Representatives, Salesmen

  • Multi Level Marketers (MLM), Direct Selling and Sales

  • Coaches, Teachers, Lecturers and Instructors

  • Internet Marketers - because they always sit at home and socialize less; normally shy people work from home because this lifestyle seems to be ideal to them

  • Conventional business owners and start-up entrepreneurs


"I Have Finally Learned How To Speak Confidently In Front Of My Lecturers And Fellow Students After Enrolling Into Your Public Speaking Secrets | Extraordinaire Course"

Hi Philip,

Thank you VERY MUCH for Public Speaking Secrets | Extraordinaire Guide!  

After going through your course materials, I'm able to stand before my lecturers and fellow students to give a powerful and confident presentation.  I used to hate even thinking about this.  But that's before getting Public Speaking Extraordinaire Secrets | Extraordinaire Guide.

Your course has shown me step-by-step how I am able to prepare an excellent speech. Thank You!


National Technological University

"How Much Does It Cost To Develop Your Public Speaking Skills Starting Now…"

How much is it worth to YOU to finally overcome your inner fears on public speaking? Would you do anything to get your self-confidence back and improve your personal image?

Tertiary education goes into the tens of thousands of dollars, but it never guarantees that you can be outgoing or develop strong intra personal skills when you leave the halls of education.

But for only less than a hundred dollars today, you can get all the life changing information in my course and everything I went through to acquire the knowledge and skill set to become a public speaking superstar in my own rights.

I'll do you better.

Public Speaking Extraordinaire Guide

"Get Instant Digital Access To Public Speaking Secrets| Extraordinaire Guide Now For Just $97 $67 $37!" ...
And Get This New E Book Bundled Together Worth $37 FREE Today!

Magnetic Public Speaking Secrets 

YES PHILIP, I Want To Invest In This Public Speaking SECRETS| Extraordinaire Guide digital video and audio course! I understand that after making my purchase via the secure server, I will be redirected to a protected page to download this entire course in digital format.

My purchase is also protected by your 100% satisfaction guarantee for the next 60 days after purchase. If I don't find the guide useful for any reason or it's not what I'm looking for, I can contact you to ask for a refund. I cannot lose.


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Warm Regards,

Philip Chua
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Email : Philip@publicspeakingsecretsexposed.com

P.S. However there's one thing I CANNOT guarantee: that this price $37 will stay this low forever. I reserve the right to increase the price at any time, as I see fit. It might just happen tomorrow. So don't procrastinate - ACT NOW and invest in building your self-confidence!

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